• Sweet 16 Party Idea: Makeover Party

    If your Sweet 16 birthday girl is a total glamour girl, hosting a Sweet 16 makeover birthday party would be a wonderful gift! Since your daughter and her friends have likely only recently begun to wear makeup, they’ll love having someone come in to show them some new tips and tricks that they can use! Hiring an Avon or Mary Kate lady to come to your daughter’s birthday will be an experience that she and her besties won’t be able to stop talking about!


    You can totally use the decorations and party favors from the Sweet 16 Party Store’s spa-themed birthday for this cute makeover party! If you don’t want to invite a professional over to do the girls’ makeup, pull out a laptop and pull up some YouTube tutorials, instead! Then let the girls try out the wildest and most daring makeup looks on one another- who knows, one of them might realize just how well she can pull off a cat eye!


    Let the girls throw on all of their favorite chick flick movies and listen to our perfect Spa Party Sweet 16 playlist! They’ll make tons of fabulous and fun memories with one another at this super fun makeover birthday party! Don’t forget to serve delicious slumber party food and have a photo shoot of all the girls once they’ve each gotten their new makeover!



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