• Party Idea: Escape Room

    If your child loves excitement and adventure, and wants to do something especially unique and memorable for her Sweet 16, we have the perfect party idea for you. Escape Rooms are becoming more and more popular, and would be totally ideal for a sixteenth birthday party! Escape rooms are interactive games where players are ‘locked’ in a room. The players will have a certain amount of time in the room to decipher the clues that they’re locked in with, in order to get free.


    Popular themes include carnival, prison cells, and many more. Escape rooms are a ton of fun for everyone involved, and are a great way for your birthday girl and her besties to get even closer! This is sure to be a party that they talk about long after it’s over. Escape rooms can be found in nearly every major city, making it easier than ever to participate in this super fun and very exciting new party idea!


    Tickets generally range from between $20 to $40 per player, depending on the games, which are typically created for groups of anywhere from eight to 14 players. To ensure you’re able to play on the day of your party, make reservations early! Most escape rooms will begin to accept reservations around a month before the date of the game.


    After you finish the game (whether you make it out in time by solving the puzzles or not), head back to your house for a recap of successes and failures over a slice of delicious birthday cake! Don’t forget to decorate your post-game party space with some fun and cute decorations! This is definitely going to be a party that’s looked back upon fondly for years to come.

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