• Party Idea: Scavenger Hunt

    One of our favorite party ideas for 2016 is the scavenger hunt! Scavenger hunt birthday parties are both super fun and mega-customizable. They can be a blast regardless of how many people you have attending, and are easy to vary depending on your party’s size! In addition, having a scavenger hunt birthday party means that you can use just about any party theme during your celebration!

    We’ve been itching to put together a scavenger hunt themed birthday party ever since we re-watched the movie “Sleepover”, and a Sweet 16 just seems like the perfect opportunity to do so! We’ll show you how to plan the most amazing scavenger hunt Sweet 16 that any of your friends have ever seen!

    First, you need to decide on a guest list and send out your invitations, so that your guests are able to RSVP in time. Once you have a head count of who’s able to make it to the party, you can start to select the teams. Try to make sure that the head count on all teams is equal, or as close to equal as possible!

    Next, you’ll want to start figuring out the clues. This is where the fun begins! You can make your scavenger hunt as small or as broad as you’d like! Some fun location ideas include: around your neighborhood, in a set area of your local city, or even more broad! You can decide whether or not you feel comfortable having the kids drive themselves to different clue destinations, or make the clues close enough together that there is no need for vehicles.

    Once you have your clues all figured out, it’s time to write them down and start prepping for the party. If you know that you’ll need to leave a clue somewhere, get it all ready so that it’s easy to go drop off on the morning of the party! At this point, you should also figure out what type of snacks and refreshments you’ll be serving at your party. Whether you decide to make the food and drinks yourself, or to cap the day off at a fun, local restaurant, make sure that you have enough decorations to make the party space feel special!

    After the winner of the scavenger hunt has been declared and the prizes have been distributed, a celebration is in order! Cake and cupcakes sure do make for great consolation prizes for the groups that came in a hair short of first place! 😉


    Have you had a scavenger hunt themed birthday party? Let us know how it worked out for you in the comments! We love to hear from you!

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