• TBT: MTV’s My Super Sweet 16


    MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 was a show that ran from 2005 to 2008 (with a few special edition episodes in years following) and shadowed uber rich teens as they planned and executed their dream Sweet 16 parties. The parties were lavish, expensive, and more often than not included a crazy gift like a brand new luxury car or a celebrity special guest performer. There was even one Super Sweet 16 that almost resulted in the fire department being called when a gigantic makeshift volcano went awry!


    Most of these crazy parties follow a similar formula- the birthday girl (or sometimes boy) picked out a crazy elaborate theme to follow, often securing a professional party planner to help them bring their dream to life. Some of the craziest themes that the show featured include Indian Royalty, Haute Couture, Seven Deadly Sins, and Christmas in Memphis. The teens were nothing if not creative when thinking up their party’s themes! The soon-to-be 16 year-olds were usually WAY over the top, planning parties that were nicer than most people’s weddings! It’s fun to watch the teens as they go nuts trying to out-do everyone in their hometowns- and sometimes even other people on the show!


    While it’s true that you might not be able to convince your parents to let you hand out mp3 players to each of your guests with a voice recording as the invitation, or to manufacture your own personalized perfume to pass out as a party favor, you can still totally find inspiration from these mega wealthy teens’ parties!


    One reason the parties on My Super Sweet 16 were so fabulous is because each party had a very specific theme! Even if you’re operating on a much smaller budget, if you have a single element or theme to unify your party, the whole thing will seem much more put together and spectacular!


    Another thing that helped the Sweet 16 bashes to really stand out was the invitations.

    While you definitely don’t have to go so far as hand delivering your party invitations to your guests, sending paper mail invitations to all of your guests still totally trumps just shooting off an evite! Plus, physical invitations are a cute and memorable way to leave a great impression on your guests- and there are tons of free options so you don’t break the bank!


    Having a My Super Sweet 16 viewing marathon can be a ton of fun, but you can also learn something from the show as well. Most importantly, don’t forget that your Sweet 16 is just a party! While it’s true that 16 is a big milestone and should seriously be celebrated- don’t let yourself turn into a Sweet 16-zilla! Go with the flow and HAVE FUN! That’s the true key to making your Sweet 16th the best party ever!




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