• Ideas for your Sweet 16 Slumber Party

    A slumber party is a sweet 16 theme that you and your friends will love! Everyone loves a classic sleepover no matter what age they are!  Take your slumber party up a notch with these fun ideas:


    Backyard Movie Theater: One idea for this theme is to turn your backyard into a movie theater! Outdoor movies are super fun and perfect for a slumber party. Get a projector and a large background to play the movie on (like a wall or backdrop) and set up blankets, chairs, or couches outside! Then kickback and enjoy.  Serve your friends fun treats like candy, soda, and popcorn while they watch the movie.   Be sure to check out our list of top sweet 16 movies to watch at your party!


    Spa Slumber Party: Stir up DIY face masks and practice your painting skills on each others nails at a fun spa sleepover.  Get each girl a sleep mask, nail polish or other fun spa items for a party favor.  set up spa stations: a facial, mani or pedi are perfect choices.


    Flashlight Scavenger Hunt: Grab flashlights and head out for some fun after dark!  Create  a scavenger hunt list that will send your guests on a wildly fun hunt through the night.


    Check out our Pinterest board for tons of slumber party sweet 16 tips!

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