• Sweet 16 Treat Ideas

    Are you throwing a fabulous Sweet 16 this summer? Make sure to satisfy your sweet tooth with the perfect treats that everyone will love! There are so many different themes to choose from for a Sweet 16. Luckily, any yummy treat can be transformed with different colors and patterns to fit your theme perfectly. The trick is choosing the type of sweets you want to serve!

    One tasty option is a birthday cake! A cake is always a very popular dessert to have at a birthday party. This is a great idea because it serves a lot of people and you can have it made personally for you and your theme!

    zebracandiesAnother idea for birthday sweets is tasty mints! These are perfect for your guests to snack on if they want a little treat and they are easy to serve in cute bowls or goodie bags.

    With summer coming up, a refreshing idea for something sweet is fruit! It’s a healthy option that your guests will love! Cut up some fresh fruit and guests can dish it up on our cute plates!

    cupake tower 3If ordering a big cake isn’t for you, get yummy cake pops and cupcakes! Display your treats on our fabulous centerpieces for the perfect look!

    Don’t forget to check out our website for adorable plates and napkins to serve these tasty sweets and visit Pinterest for awesome theme ideas!





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