• Sweet 16 Mad Libs Style Game

    Mad Libs are a super fun way to get to know each other more and always bring out laughs! You can get creative with this game and play it any way you like!  Here, we have come up with a Sweet 16 Mad Libs Style game!  This is a great game to play at your Sweet 16 party!  See if any of your sentences make sense!

    You can also modify this game to fit the theme of your party!  For example, if you are having a Halloween style party, make a Mad Libs style game to be all about Halloween and spooky items!  This is the best party about the game, it can be anything you want it to be, and it doesn’t have to make sense!Sweet 16 Mad Libs Style Game

    This game is also perfect for relaxing Sweet 16 parties, such as a backyard BBQ or even a party at a rental hall when there is some down time.  The choice is yours and you can make it as fun and silly as you want!

    Check out our website for a free printable of our Sweet 16 Mad Libs style game just for you!  http://www.sweet16partystore.com/FREE-Sweet-16-Mad-Libs-Style-p/free000madlibs.htm

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