• Sweet 16 Fashionista Mall Scavenger Hunt

    Everyone loves a good scavenger hunt right?  Why not take this game one step further and make it a fun game to play at your Sweet 16 party?  Some fun items for a Sweet 16 scavenger hunt are to do one at the mall!

    Sweet 16 Feather BoaThis is a great activity and really gets guests involved in the hunt!  Everyone will have a great time and it is a great “team bonding” activity!

    The best party about this activity is you can do it anywhere!  Get creative and come up with your own scavenger hunt idea!  Do one around the city, or your high school, or even your own neighborhood!  A scavenger hunt is not limited to a certain location!  You can even have the girls drive around the city and go to other places!

    To use our free printable Fashionista Mall Scavenger Hunt, go to our website!  Have fun!


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