• How to Plan a Country Sweet 16

    Whether you are a true country girl or a country girl at heart, a Western party is always fun!  Grab your cowgirl boots and hat and get ready to party it up country style!  In this Sweet 16 Western Candyblog, we will show you how to give your little country star the best country Sweet 16 ever!

    This type of party is best done outside on a warm spring or summer night.  You will want to have lots of hay bales for decorations and possible fun picture posses!

    Fried foods and BBQ’s are very popular in the south, and is the best kind of food to have at your country themed Sweet 16! Not only is this type of food great, but it is really easy to cook and put together if you are having an outdoor BBQ.Cowgirl Napkins

    Make sure to have lots of denim and burlap decorations!  This ranges from the table covers to centerpieces to the party gift bags!

    You can use traditional country colors, such as denim blues, reds, and yellows, or you can go with light pastel colors like pink and yellow.  Whatever colors you decide on, your party will definitely have the country feel!

    You will need flowers!  Lots of flowers to decorate your venue with, whether it is at a hall or your backyard.  If you want, get flowers the same color as your party theme.  A great table centerpiece to place the flowers in would be a boot.  Find a cowboy boot centerpiece or vase, and put the flowers in there! Super cute and authentic!

    People Line Dancing at a DiscoHave country music playing in the background the whole night!  As the night goes on, switch to some country line dancing music and get the guests to learn how to line dance country style and practice their two-stepping!

    Light up the porch or dance floor with lanterns or cute outdoor hanging lights. This will give the party a dancing atmosphere and set the mood.

    Have guests dress for the occasion!  Make sure they wear their cowboy/cowgirl boots and Sweet 16 Western Hathats!  (Trust me, you feel like you can dance better in cowgirl boots, even if you actually cannot!  Boots have some magical two-stepping power in them!) Put on your cutest jeans or jean shorts, and you are ready for a country party and to dance the night away!

    Make a cowboy shaped cake and have guests sip on frozen mocktail drinks!

    Get creative with this party theme! Your guests will have a great time no matter what!  A country party is all about having a good time!  So kick back, listen to good country music, sip on your drink, and let your worries fad away!

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  1. Love the Country theme. New Jersey can use some country love. Nice!

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