• The Best Sweet 16 Gifts

    Finding the perfect gift to give your Sweet 16 year old is a major challenge!  Also, being able to afford a special gift is another obstacle.  Below is a list of some of our (www.sweet16partystore.com) top selling Sweet 16 gifts that are both affordable and adorable!

    • Customized Rhinestone Sash – Every Sweet 16 birthday girl deserves to have a sash made just for them!  With our custom sashes, you can pick for a variety of Custom Rhinestone Sweet 16 Sashcolors and add a left icon.  You can write up to 13 letters!  This is a great gift to give because it will be a memoir your daughter can keep for a long time to remind her of the fun memories she will have at her Sweet 16!  ($29.99)
    • Glitter and Sparkle Tiara – To top off your Sweet 16 outfit, you will need a sparkle and glitter tiara!  Feel like a princess on this special day with your princess tiara!  It doesn’t matter if you are having a princess theme or not, you ARE a beautiful princess no matter what on your day!  Our tiara has a heart on it with “16” in the middle, so everyone knows you are the birthday princess!  ($10.59)
    • Sweet 16 Rhinestone Tank Top – As a special gift, give the birthday girl a Sweet 16 rhinestone tank!  Choose from our many colors and make her feel extra special on her day!  This tank top goes perfectly with our glitter and sparkle tiaras as well!  Wow the birthday girl with a one-of-a-kind tank top!  ($20.99)
    • Rhinestone Tote Bag – This is a great Sweet 16 gift to give because our totes are large enough to hold all those Sweet 16 goodies and other fun treats!  This rhinestone tote is special just for the birthday girl because it has a crown and says “Sweet 16” on it.  The Sweet 16 birthday girl is sure to love this gift and will have it for a long time!  ($13.99)
    • Autograph Picture Frame – Capture this special night in pictures!  This is one you Autorgraph Sweet 16 Picture Framewon’t want to miss!  Give the birthday girl one of our autograph picture frames with a picture from her night.  Have all her friends sign it, and this gift is something she will have forever!  Not only will she have a picture to remember the night, but she will have all a special message all her friends gave her!  ($13.99)
    • Rhinestone Sporty Shorts – These cute shorts are great for lounging around the house or just about anything else!  We have many different sayings on our shorts, so pick one that fits the birthday girl!  This is a great gift to give and she will for sure love it!  ($22.99)
    • Sweet 16 Top Hat – Our top hats are fun and colorful!  These are fun gifts to give and the birthday girl can wear it all night!  Our hats have pom poms as well as a marabou trim.  These custom hats are sure to wow anyone and will be a token the birthday girl can keep for a long time!  ($25.99)
    • Autograph Pillowcase – The perfect slumber party gift!  Give this pillowcase to theAutograph Sweet 16 Birthday Pillowcase birthday girl and have all her friends sign it and leave her a special message! This is something she will always keep and have to remember her amazing night by! Our pillowcase has black and white zebra print too!  ($9.99)

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