• Top 100 Sweet 16 Party Ideas!

    We know that planning a party is stressful and can be frustrating at times, especially a Sweet 16 party!  Coming up with an idea and theme is even more stressful because you want everything to be perfect.  We are here to try to eliminate some of that stress and headache that party planning causes you.  We have come up with 100, that’s right, 100 different, fun, and creative Sweet 16 birthday party ideas!  Pick one, or combine two or more ideas to make the Sweet 16 party you have always dreamed about!

    Casual and Inexpensive

    1. Dinner and a Movie:  Keep it classy and simple with this fun and easy Sweet 16 birthday idea.  Invite a few of your closest friends and go to a fun restaurant; one you haven’t been to in awhile!  Go see that popular movie you’d been dying to watch, and while you’re there, go ahead and splurge on popcorn and soda!  Afterwards, if you feel up to it, go get some ice cream with your friends!

    2.  Slumber Party:  Keep it simple and cheap with a classic slumber party!  Invite some of Pink Sweet 16 Favors Toe Separatorsyour closest friends and stay up all night gossiping and having a great time!  Enjoy homemade snacks and popcorn, watch a movie, and even do each other’s nails!  Decorate your house/party room with fun, colorful Sweet 16 streamers!

    3. Backyard BBQ:  With nice weather, everyone wants to be outside!  Enjoy a backyard BBQ for your Sweet 16!  This is sure to be a summer treat!  Cook hot dogs and hamburgers, have chips, pop, and any other fun BBQ treat you love!  Invite all your friends and just relax and enjoy the day!  Decorate with balloons, streamers, and paper lanterns!  If you’re daring, bring out those water guns!

    4. Hawaiian Luau/Tropical:  Everyone put on your grass skirt and lei!  Kick off your shoesBlue Tropical Sweet 16 Lei and imagine you are on a beach, watching the sun set!  This simple, yet fun Sweet 16 party is perfect for those summer birthdays!  Spice up the party with an inflatable luau hunk and dangling hibiscus flowers!  Serve up buffet style and eat outside as the sun sets in paradise!

    5. Pool Party:  A good classic, old fashion pool party is always a great Sweet 16 idea!  Rent out your local pool and put up streamers and balloons!  Bring water toys and spend the day jumping off the diving board and playing in the sun!  Have a BBQ cookout at the pool!  Don’t forget your sunscreen!

    6. Camping Party:  Take a few friends and go camping!  Camping is a great way to get out of the city and away from all the stress!  If you can’t get away, then have a camping themed inspired party, complete with S’mores, bonfires, lanterns, and sleeping out under the stars, or in tents in your backyard!

    7. Party at the Park:  Fun, simple, easy, and sweet! This idea is perfect if you want a quiet, simple Sweet 16 with some of your friends.  Doesn’t matter if it’s summer or not!  Bring a picnic, listen to music, play Frisbee, go down the slides, and swing on the swings.  Decorate the park with streamers and balloons.  Bring a cake, and everyone will have a relaxing day!  This day is sure to be lots of fun in the sun!

    8. Water Balloon/Squirt Gun:  There’s no better way to beat the summer heat than with a good old fashion water gun fight!  Divide into teams or make it one-on-one, but either way, the goal is to get SOAKED!  If that doesn’t work, bring out those water balloons and run around the backyard or park and get as many people as you can drenched!  This is a great, fun, and cheap Sweet 16 birthday idea!

    9. Beach Party:  Everyone loves to go relax on the beach.  This is the perfect spot for a Sweet 16 Beach Ball DecorationSweet 16 party.  Play out in the sun, make sand castles, get your tan on, and bring a picnic!  You could even BBQ at the beach.  Make this night special by having a sunset dinner there too!  Either way, this day is sure to be super fun with all of your friends!

    10. Favorite Sports Team/Favorite Sport:  Sports fanatic?  Decorate your venue with cutouts and danglers of your favorite sport!  Put up posters of your favorite team!  Get balloons and streamers the same color as your favorite sports team!  You can then go outside and play your favorite game with your guests!

    11. Book Party:  Pick one of your favorite books and decorate your party with it!  Get matching balloons, streamers, posters, and more!  Even dress up as the main character!  You could play trivia games about the book or read some of your favorite passages!

    12. Favorite Movie Party:  Dress up in characters from your favorite movie!  Decorate Sunglasses Sweet 16 Favorsyour party with posters, streamers, and balloons from the movie!  This party will be a huge hit for your movie fan guests!  Even invite your guests with invitations from your favorite movie!  Kick back and relax as you and your guests enjoy watching all of your favorite movies on this special day!

    13. Video Game Party/DDR/Guitar Hero:  For all the gamers, this party is perfect for you!  Decorate your venue with colors of your favorite video game and spend the day playing games!  Even go crazy and make a cake with your favorite video game and characters!  This is a great party for Sweet 16 guests because everyone gets to play together and will have a good time!

    14. Fishing:  Enjoy a relaxing day by taking the guests out on the lake and going fishing!  This is a great opportunity to get to know your guests more.  When the weather gets hot enough, jump in the lake for a quick swim to cool off!  Then come to shore and grab some lunch!  This will be a calming escape from your daily busy lives!

    15. Campfire Party:  Head to the beach for the day!  This is an inexpensive Sweet 16 and is relaxing!  Everyone enjoys a nice day at the beach!  Bring down a lunch picnic and spend the day playing in the water and combing the beach.  As night draws in, have a BBQ and roast marshmallows around a campfire!  Tell stories as you get to know your friends even more!

    16. Patriotic Inspired Party:  Celebrate America and your birthday together!  Everything Star Sweet 16 Centerpiecewill be red, white, and blue!  You can even do a mock parade down your street!  If it is allowed, set up fireworks when it gets dark, or use sparklers to end the night!  Decorate with lots of stars and fun patriotic beverages!  Sit out on the grass or lay by the pool and have an All-American lunch/dinner!  Be sure to have lots of balloons, and make sure your guests come with patriotic colors on!  Send out flag invitations!

    17. Board Game Party:  Go back to your early childhood years!  Bring out some of your favorite board games and spend the day or night playing games!  Even think of new, fun games too!  This is a great way to “break the ice” for guests that don’t know each other that well.  You can also have guests try and guess the song as a game, “Guess that tune.”  This is sure to inspire laughter and a good time!  Have party music playing in the background with fun decorations all around!


    18. White Water River Rafting:  Do something crazy!  Go on an adventure and go white water river rafting!  Invite a few friends and enjoy rushing down the water in an inflatable raft!  Super fun and this will definitely be a memory you and your guests keep forever!

    19. Sky Diving/Indoor Flying:  Bring out the dare devil in you as you take a leap of faith into the next phase of your life!  This activity is for the more adventurous Sweet 16 girl, but a definite must!  Fun and daring, this experience will not soon be forgotten!

    20. Snow Skiing/Sledding:  This is a great activity for a winter Sweet 16 party!  Take yourGirls Skiing guests up to in the mountains to go skiing or snowboarding on fresh powered snow!  It may be chilly outside, but this party is sure to be hot!  Afterwards, go inside to warm up with some hot chocolate!

    21. Water Park/Water Slides:  Take your Sweet 16 party guests to a water park!  This is always lots of fun and it gives everyone a chance to do their own thing!  So many activities and slides to go on!  This is sure to be a fun and splash-filled day!

    22. Paint Ball:  Get splattered!  This is a really fun activity and gives guests a chance to get messy!  Get splashed with many colors and defend your team!  Bond with your friends as you break into teams!  All your guests are sure to have a blast at this party!

    23. Disneyland:  This is a big birthday, so go out with a bang!  Take the birthday girl to Disneyland!  Go on all the rides, meet all the Disney characters, and end the night by watching the magical Disney Parade!  Everyone will have a great time on the “happiest place on earth!”

    24. Rollercoaster/Water/Amusement Park:  Grab a few close friends and go have some fun at the amusement park for your Sweet 16!  Whether it is a water park, an amusement park, or both, guests are sure to have a great time!  They can go on rides together or venture off and do their own thing!  Have guests meet up at lunch time for cake and other treats!

    25. Hot Air Balloon:  This is a must do for anyone who has never experienced this!  It might be scary at first, but it is definitely worth it!  See your town from way up high as you soar over the city!  Before you go up, decorate your venue with lots of balloons, and use blue, red, and yellow as your colors!

    26. Rock Climbing:  Scale a rock wall and see you can reach the top first!  Invite some of your closest friends and embark on a rock wall climbing adventure!  You will love the experience and want to climb it again, or try the real thing!  Tell guests to dress comfortably and bring good shoes because this party might get a little rocky!

    27. Weekend Away:  Take your family and a few guests on a special weekend getaway!  Sweet 16 Luggage TagsAnywhere will do!  You could try a cabin in the mountains, a beach house, or a favorite vacation spot!  Enjoy playing and escaping your everyday activities for a weekend!  This is a special day, so make it something you will remember forever!

    28. Boating/Lake:  Spend the day out on the lake in a boat!  There are countless fun water activities to do!  Go water skiing, play on the jet skis, go inner tubing, so simply just enjoy feeling the warm wind blow through your hair on the boat!  This party will be lots of fun in the sun and a day your Sweet 16 year old won’t see forget!

    29. Sail Boating:  Host the sails and head out on the water for a fun day sailing!  This is a great experience and your guests will love it!  Send out sail boat invites and have beach theme party décor, including anchors and shells.  Use fun colors to match the boat’s sail!

    30. Seaplane:  Invite a few very special guests and fly over the water and see the sights in a seaplane ride!  This is an experience of a lifetime and will capture every beauty your city has to offer.  This is sure to be a special Sweet 16 as you get an aerial view of the town!

    33. Surfing Lessons:  Catch the waves, chill out, and get the surfer look!  Go down to theFriends Surfing beach and set up surfing lessons!  This is a great experience, and your guests will not want to leave the beach!  Feel the rush of being on top of the water!  This is such a fun idea and once your friends need a break, some to shore and have a picnic on the beach!

    31. Snorkeling:  Buy or rent some snorkel gear, (and wetsuits if needed) and explore the coast!  See all the pretty fish, or maybe even see a sea turtle!  Send out fish invites and decorate with an underwater theme, including bubbles and fish!

    32. Tubing/Floating the River:  Grab your friends and float the river on a hot, hot, hot summer day!  This is the perfect summer Sweet 16 party idea!  This is a perfect way to cool off and is an inexpensive way to have a good time!  Just grab an inflatable inner-tube and your mocktail drink and link arms with your friends as you float down the river!

    34. Rope Challenge Course:  Rent a rope challenge course and set it up in your Purple Sequin Sweet 16 Hatbackyard or at the park.  Make guests special shirts and hats that they wear while competing on the rope course.  Break into teams and see who completes the course first.  Guests will love zip lining, rope climbing, giant swings, and other fun obstacles on this course!  This is also a great team building exercise and is definitely for the adventurous at heart!

     Break the Bank

    35. Fancy Restaurant:  Have your girl’s get all dressed up in nice floor length gowns and take them to a special, fancy restaurant that you’ve only dreamed of going to.  Show up in style to this restaurant in a limo!  This is your night to shine!

    36. Sweet & Juicy:  Juicy Couture is a very popular Sweet 16 idea; girls love Juicy!  Decorate this venue with everything Juicy Couture!  Pink and black balloons, pink and black streamers, even pink and black flowers.  Even check out our high heel danglers as decorations!  Have the girls get dressed up and have a style room at the party where guests can put on Juicy lipstick, nail polish, try different purse styles, and even try on Juicy jewelry.  Even have Juicy chocolates!  Guests can leave with samples of Juicy in their goody bags!

    37. Masquerade Ball:  Dress up and dance the night away with a familiar stranger!  Spend the night trying to figure out who everyone is, but remember, the unknown is Sweet 16 Animal Maskssometimes more fun!  Rent a ball room and decorate the venue with balloons, confetti, streamers, and lanterns!  Choose your colors carefully; you don’t want to give away your identity!

    38. Princess Party/ Fairytale Ball:  Get dressed up in a pretty fairytale ball gown and wow your guests as you make your entrance!  Rent a ball room and decorate the place with princess themed decorations, including cups, plates, and balloons!  Don’t forget the princess tiara, the most important part!  Your birthday girl will feel like royalty with this Sweet 16 ball, and will be the fairytale she has dreamed of!

    39. Argosy Cruise:  Wow your guests by taking them on a cruise!  Okay, not a full, week-long cruise, but a day cruise around the harbor!  This is great for guests because they can experience being out on the sea for a day!  If you want to make this day even more special, make this argosy cruise a night tour with dinner and all!  Your guests will love Disco Ball Dancingeating out under the stars and feeling the warm, salty air!

    40. Casino Night Party:  Create a mock casino for your Sweet 16! The colors that work best are red, black, and white.  You can also rent out a large hall and rent slot machines and poker tables (all mock of course).  Have guests dress like they are going to a casino.  Offer mocktails for guests while they gamble.  Winners get prizes!  Some examples could be an iTunes card or a Starbucks card.  Decorate your venue with balloons, streamers, and danglers!  You can even have the cake in the shape of a deck of cards and invitations could be poker chips!  Have fun pretending to be 21!

    41. Band/DJ:  Decide on a banquet hall room and rent it out for the night.  Have guests dress up.  Hire a band or DJ and dance the night away to their music!  It will be like a mini concert!  Even have them play a special song for the birthday girl!  Decorate this venue with balloons, streamers, centerpieces, flowers, and more with her favorite colors!  Have a self-serve buffet food style with an extravagant cake!

    42. Movie/Hollywood/Rock Star Party:  Rent a party hall!  Dress up as your favorite Red Sweet 16 Feather BoaHollywood movie star and walk down our pink carpet runway to your party venue!  Have all your guests dress up as their favorite actor or actress, and this will be the hottest Hollywood party ever!  Wear some of our cool movie star glasses and our feather boas!

    43. Black and White Ball:  This is always a classy idea!  Rent out a ball room and have multiple rooms set up.  Do dancing, karaoke, and even show a black and white film in one room!  Dress in fancy black dresses, or white pants and black shirts.  Have black and white balloons, plates, cups, and decorations.  You can even add style and get polka dot balloons too!  Be creative and have black tie invitations, indicating that it is a black tie event and admission by invite only!

    44. NYC Party Style:  Have you ever dreamed of going to New York?  Well, make all your dreams come true by making a New York inspired Sweet 16!  Rent out a hall and hire a DJ.  You can make a huge bridge that guests walk over when they enter the party.  When the birthday girl arrives, have a sign that says “Live from New York!”  Use Statue of Liberty centerpieces.  Your invitations could be taxi cabs.  Have guests dress up and dance the night away under a Central Park sky!

    45. Gymnastics Party:  Rent out a gymnastics building for your Sweet 16.  Tell guests to dress appropriately.  Party guests will love being able to tumble, jump on trampolines, jump into sponge pits, and more!  When they need a break, set up lunch with finger foods and beverages!  Don’t forget the special cake, decorated with gymnastic attire!  Your party guests will have a great time and won’t want to leave!

    46. Christmas Dinner Party & Show:  Thinking about a Sweet 16 Christmas Party?  This is a great idea!  Have guests get all dressed up and go to a nice restaurant in the city.  Then, take everyone to go see a Christmas play!  Everyone loves the Nutcracker, and it will bring back childhood memories!  If you don’t feel like going to a nice restaurant, make a fancy dinner at home and then go see the play!

    47. Winter Wonderland Party:  Use silver and white colors!  This is a great Sweet 16White Sweet 16 Lanterns birthday idea!  Rent out a party hall and have a live DJ or band! Guests can dress up nicely, and then change into comfortable clothes to go play out in the snow.  Decorate your venue with silver, gold, and white colors!  Use snowflake decorations to make the party magical!  Go play in the snow or walk around the town to complete this wonderful day!

    Just for Girls

    48. Spa Day:  Treat yourself and a few of your friends to manicures, pedicures, massages, and facials!  Take your spa mask and just relax as you unwind from your busy week!  Be daring and try a new hair style too!

    49. Cheerleading Party:  Go team!  Decorate your venue in your school colors!  Wear your uniform if you want!  Clear off some space for a dance floor/cheer competition.  Guests will get pom poms as they go up and cheer for the birthday girl!  The birthday girl will decide who had the best cheer and will go home with a prize!  Let guests go home with fantastic cheer party favors too!

    50. Fashion/Supermodel Party:  Girl!  Put on your best high heels and your fanciest outfit Sweet 16 Centerpiecebecause you are having a supermodel Sweet 16!  As guests arrive, they will walk down the pink carpet runway and you will score their “runway walk.”  Everyone must do their best pose!  You can even do a mock photo shoot with the girls!  Decorate your party with silver, pink, and black balloons, dangling streams, and fringe banners for guests to enter through!  This will be one stylish party!

    51. Tiffany Summer Splash Party:  This isn’t your every day pool party.  This is a classy pool party with diamonds, a girl’s best friend!  Decorate everything with diamonds and jewelry!  Everything from the ice cream stirrers to the invites, to the drink bottles, and desserts!  Turquoise blue, black, and white are perfect colors for this elegant pool party!

    52. Mall Shopping Spree:  Girls love to shop!  Bring a few friends to the mall with you and explore the mall!  Go in all your favorite stores; even treat yourself to something you’ve had your eye on for awhile.  This is, after all, your big day!  Grab something to eat at the mall, and then head back home to get ice cream and cake!  Decorate your house with pink colors and give guests mini shopping bag party favors!  Fill them with mini accessories girls need to get ready to go to the mall.  This could include, lip stick pens, lip gloss, purse notepads, and more!  Even make credit card invitations to let guests know this is a shopping party!

    53. Diamonds and Denim Party:  This party is a combination of dress up glamour withPink Ring - Sweet 16 Favors chic dress down comfort!  Wear a pair of your favorite jeans and put on some bling and diamonds that you have!  You can even add country flair with boots, cowgirl hats, and rhinestones!  Spend the evening dancing and looking at fancy jewelry that you have rented in.  Find some decorations that shine or bling.  As party favors, give guests some ridiculously large diamond plastic ring!  After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

    54. Make Up Party:  Still experimenting with makeup?  Don’t worry; many women still don’t know how to put it on correctly!  Hire someone who is a professional makeup artist and learn all about how to put it on and then get all dolled up because it is time for your photo shoot!  Hire a professional photographer and have the girls play around with this fun photo shoot!

    55. Hotel Party:  Rent a nice hotel room for the night.  Have all the girls meet there at a certain time.  Have a limo pick up the girls and take them to dinner, and movie, and some other places in the city.  After they come back to the hotel, the girls are free to use the swimming pool and hot tub in the hotel!  The girls will have a slumber party at the hotel, and then in the morning, get breakfast and then get picked up by their parents.  This is a great way for the girls to get to know one another and have a night just for them!

    56. Tea Party/ Alice in Wonderland:  This is more than just your classic Disney movie Sweet 16 Headbandparty.  Decorate your venue with cute “drink me” bottles, balloons, lots of flowers, and other crazy, unusual things!  Make sure to have the most elaborate tea party too!  Drink in small tea cups and have the birthday girl sit at the head of the table wearing a Mad Hatter hat!  Have guests were mini top hats to complete the look!

    57. Horse Carriage Ride:  Make this night really special by taking a few friends on a horse carriage ride through the city or up through the mountains!  This is great for those winter/holiday Sweet 16 birthdays!  Cuddle up with your friends as you trek through the snow and see all the beautiful lights!

    Co-Ed Parties

    58. Highlighter/Black Light Party:  Dim the lights or set up black lights in your house for this highlighter party!  Have guests dress in all white, or give them a cheap white T-Shirt as they arrive.  Hand guests some highlighters.  The object is to write and color on as many people’s shirts during the party as possible!  For decorations, yellow, orange, pink, and green colors work best!

    59. Glow-in-the-Dark Party:  Get tons of glow sticks and other glow in the dark items!  You will need black lights to make everything glow bright!  Have party guests dress in all white or light colors to get the full effect.  Give guests glow sticks and decorate with fun glow-in-the-dark signs!  You could even have a special cake or put glow bracelets on it!

    60. Photo Booth:  Rent a hall or set up a room in your house.  Have a box of props whereSweet 16 Top Hat guests can put on silly items, such as hats, way too big sunglasses, and mustaches!  Put different sized cut out frames that guests can put their faces through to take the picture.  Get creative and see who can take the silliest photo!  This is sure to inspire laughter, and don’t forget to take a group picture so everyone will remember this night for a long time!

    61. Arts and Crafts Sweet 16:  Let your creative side flow!  Get a roll of butcher paper and cut it to fit tables at your venue.  Then, leave glitter, glue, pens, markers, stickers, and more on the tables for the guests to draw on and leave a message for the birthday girl.  Also, have designated areas/tables where guests can make their own craft projects, such as flip flops or paintings!  Get creative and think of fun craft projects the party guests can make!

    62. Talent Show:  This is a super fun idea and everyone gets to participate!  Have party guests prepare a small act to perform in front of your friends.  The birthday girl is the judge and decides who the winner is!  This is a great way to get to know the party guests better and is fun to watch guests being silly!  Create a stage for performances, or have it in your backyard!

    63. Grease-Drive In Movie/Outdoor Movie:  Let’s go back in time to the 1950’s!  Take your friends to a drive in movie, go to a retro diner, and dress up in poodle skirts!  Old fashioned ticket stubs are great invitation ideas and for treats, you can serve popcorn in the retro popcorn bags (red and white stripes).  You can even make cardboard signs to tell guests where everything is.  Before the night is over, set up a dance floor and learn to dance like they did in the 50’s!  Grab your partner and have a blast!

    64. Costume Party:  Have all your friends dress up in a costume!  It’s like a masquerade Sweet 16 Party Masksparty, but everyone is in a different costume and not all are wearing masks.  It is fun to see how creative everyone gets!  This is also a great idea for if your party is close to Halloween.  You can even make this party more fun by going out in public with your costumes on and going on an adventure!

    65. CSI/Secret Agent Party:  Go on a mission to save the princess!  Or better yet, investigate a crime scene!  Set up clues that lead the party guests on a hunt to find out who the criminal is and rescue the victim!  A very fun and entertaining idea for a Sweet 16 party!

    66. Haunted House/Halloween:  Are you in for a spooky scare?  A Halloween birthday party is the perfect idea!  Have guests dress up in costumes and go to a haunted house!  Get creative and make your own haunted house in your house!  Give guests a real scare!  Then, after the festivities have winded down, put on a scary movie!

    67. Autumn/Harvest :  With the turn of fall, a Sweet 16 birthday party is the perfect way to celebrate it!  Rake up a huge leaf pile and run into them and hear them crunch!  Then, go carve some pumpkins!  You can even decorate with some hay stacks and pretend you’re at the state fair!  This party is great with yellow, brown, and orange colors; perfect for autumn!

    68. Bowling:  This is a classic party idea, but always fun!  Bring lots of friends and make bowling teams!  Decorate the party idea with balloons and colorful danglers!  Everyone will be laughing and having a good time as your guests successfully make strike!

    69. Sporting Event:  Are you a major sports fan?  Then take your guests to see one of your favorite games!  Even have the party at the stadium or arena!  Make a cake in the shape of your sport (baseball, basketball, etc.) and get dressed up with jerseys on!

    70. Putt Putt Golf/Mini Golf:  This activity is always fun at any age!  You and some of Sweet 16 Tank Topyour friends will enjoy trying to hole-in-ones!  See who can get the lowest score!  After the game is over, surprise your guests with cake and balloons!  Have all guests wear matching shirts to stand out!  You could even make your own backyard mini golf course!

    71. Bumper Cars/Bumper Boats:  You don’t need your license to drive these cars!  Bump into all the birthday guests at your Sweet 16 with bumper cars or boats!  Everyone will have a great time!  Even make a theme out if, by having a race car themed party!

    72. Go Karts:  Give your party guests a taste of what it is like to drive!  Take them to a race car track and practice your driving skills!  Set up the party room with race car emblems and have cool car cutouts!  Make a race car cake to impress your guests!

    73. Ice Skating:  Grab your warm clothes and head to the ice skating rink!  This is a great place for a Sweet 16 because you can bond with all your friends as you try to skate across the floor!  Everyone is sure to have a blast as they learn to ice skate!

    74. Roller Skating:  Take your guests to your local roller skating rink!  Even if you fall, this is sure to be a fun filled day for your Sweet 16!  Bring balloons and cake and decorate the place for a special feel!  Remember to take lots of pictures!

    75. Laser Tag:  This is good old fashioned fun!  Laser tag is always a big hit!  Take the party guests to a family fun center or laser tag arena and see who can score the most points!  This is a great activity for a Sweet 16 birthday party and they can play for hours!

    76. State Fair:  Ride the rides and go dancing at your local state fair!  The food there is Sweet 16 Western Hatgreat and everyone will have a fun time!  Wear cowgirl hats too!  Escape from the start of the school year by going to the fair!  Your guests can see all the farm animals and eat all the delicious food!

    77. Salsa/Tango Lessons:  Take your girls out dancing!  Don’t know how to dance?  Sign the guests up for salsa or tango lessons!  When the big day comes, the guests will be able to rock the ball room with their perfect dance moves!  Not a fan of traditional dancing?  Then practice your hip hop moves out on the dance floor!

    78. Line Dancing:  Learn how to line dance with your friends! This is so much fun and everyone will be laughing as everyone tries to learn the moves!  Put on your dancing shoes on because this night is going to get rowdy and a little crazy!

    79. Day in the City:  Play tourist in your own town/city!  Do activities that you, as a native don’t normally do.  This is a great way to learn more about your city and is fairly inexpensive!  Spend the day getting lost in your own city; go on adventures!  After you and your guests are done exploring, gather back home for some Sweet 16 treats!  This is going to be a fun filled day!

    Animal Lovers

    80. Circus:  Invite a few close friends and go experience the circus!  Get wowed by the amazing acts!  Have animal decorations, which red and yellow party colors!  Your guests will feel like a kid again at the circus and have a great time!

    81. Zoo:  Take your closest friends to the zoo!  Everyone loves the zoo!  See all the animals, even pet some of them!  It will be hard to keep a straight face with all the cute animals!  Walk around and talk as you and your guests explore the zoo!

    82. Aquarium:  This is a great Sweet 16 party idea!  Invite some close friends and go explore the aquarium!  This is a great chance to learn about all the variations of sea life!  Guests will love seeing all the animals and even touching some of the sea life!  Have an underwater theme inspired party with sea decorations, fish, and everything blue with bubbles!

    83. Horseback Riding:  Every little girl always dreams of having a horse, or going horseback riding.  Today is the day to make those dreams come true!  Take the birthday girl and her guest’s horseback riding through the country!

    84. Wild Thing Jungle Party:  If you love animals, then get a little wild with your Sweet 16Animal Sweet 16 Balloons party!  Decorate with lots of animal print and have an animal cake!  You can even get someone to bring in live animals, do exotic dancing, and have vines hanging all around the house!  This party will look just like a day at the zoo, but it will be even better with all your wild animal decorations!  Give away animal print party favors in matching bags and set out paw print invitations!

    Out of the Box Ideas

    85. Mariachi Dancing:  Go all out and have a Fiesta!  Lots of food and Mexican music is the way to go for this type of party!  Decorate with lots of bright colors, including red, yellow, green, white, and orange!  Hang pom pom danglers and wear huge sombreros!  Complete this look with mustaches!  This will be lots of fun, and you can even try to learn Mariachi dancing!

    86. Candle Lighting Ceremony:  This kind of party works best with 16 party guests (less or more is fine too).  Place 16 candles (varies depending on the number of guests) on the table.  As you call up each of your guests to light a candle, say a few words about them and what they mean to you.  You can also light lanterns and lift those into the sky.  Also, each guest could put a puzzle piece on a board to spell out a special message for the birthday girl.  This is a sentimental idea for such an honorable day!

    87. Under the Stars Party:  If it is too cold to star gaze or there are not enough stars, you Glow Bracelets - Sweet 16 Favorscan create your own star themed party!  Decorate the ceiling with lots of glow-in-the-dark stars or have a light that recreates stars on the ceiling.  Star gaze with your guests and find many constellations, you can even have star themed music!  Your colors for the party can be blue and silver, and don’t forget to put up a giant moon!  The stars will be out just for you tonight!

    88. Mocktail Drink Bar:  Just because you’re not old enough to drink, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun!  Set up a mock cocktail bar and give guests fun, fruity beverages that look like real adult drinks!  Even set up the bar so guests can make their own!  Offer instructions by the drinks and serve them with fruit, crackers, and fun treats!  This will be a very classy party!

    89. Amazing Race Party:  This is not your ordinary scavenger hunt, this is a race!  Have your guests break into teams of 2.   Plan out a fun route for your Sweet 16 guests and have them run around the city/town doing activities and finding city landmarks.  Have them take a picture of where they are at each location, or doing the activity.  You can also have someone there to give them their next direction.  The first team to finish with all the activities complete wins!

    90. Singing/Karaoke:  Bring out your karaoke machine and get all your guests singing along to your favorite songs!  Don’t let them be shy, everyone must participate!  Laughing at each other is half the fun!  Decorate your party with pink and black balloons and other fun décor ideas!

    91. Concert:  If a concert is coming up, be sure to bring your Sweet 16 party guests Inflatable Guitar - Sweet 16 Favorsthere!  This will get the guests excited as you get ready together!  Dance and sing the night away!  If there isn’t a big band coming, maybe find a small park concert to attend.  Sometimes those are the most fun because you are outside, in a park, having a good time with great friends! 

    92. Hypnotist:  Hire a hypnotist for your Sweet 16 party!  Invite a few guests and watch as everyone “goes under” the spell.  Decorate with pink and black balloons and laugh as everyone does silly things they normally don’t do!

    93. Super Hero:  Go on a mission to save the world!  Have all your guests dress up as their favorite super hero!  As guests arrive, you can give them a handmade superhero logo with their first letter in the center!  Or better, yet, save bottle caps and spray them pink; give them to guests to wear all night.  Watch a super hero movie, or do heroic stunts with you and your superhero guests!

    94. Henna Tattoos & Face Paint:  Hire someone for your Sweet 16 to do paint, face paint, and Henna Tattoos!  This is a very popular idea and it also looks really cool!  But don’t worry mom, this stuff washes off in a few days!  Everyone will love getting tattoos and face paint!  Simple, but fun!

    95. Scavenger Hunt Party:  Take your friends on a wild scavenger hunt across the town, mall, or around your neighborhood!  Set up different locations to visit and have guests do something silly or collect something at each location.  Break up into teams, take pictures at each location, and try to beat the other team!  If you want to make this scavenger hunt extreme and go around the town, you can rent a limo and the Sweet 16 party guests can explore the city without you being the driver!

    96. Vintage/Rustic Cowgirl Party:  Country Chic is rapidly becoming a very popular!  Go Western Sweet 16 Hatout to the farm or open field and have your Sweet 16 there!  Decorate your venue with light pastel colors, lanterns, and flowers!  This classic country Sweet 16 is perfect for a summer day or night!  Set up a tire swing, ride horses, and jump into the lake!  You can also play horse shoe games!  Put on some country music and the guests can have fun dancing and sipping on some Sweet Tea or lemonade!

    97. Mock Rodeo:  Save a horse, ride a cowboy is not always the case!  With this mock rodeo, guests can learn to ride a mechanical bull.  Set up your venue outside, and surround the place with bales of hay, horses, and cowboy hats.  Bring your boots; because this party is about to get rowdy!

    98. Decade Party:  Go back in time with a decade themed party!  Pick a decade you wish you could have been a party of!  Rent a hall and decorate it with the decade of your choice!  Spend the night dancing to the oldies and doing the disco!  You can even go to a retro club or diner and get the full experience!  Have guests dress up in clothes with the decade you choose!  Feel what it is like to live in the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s, or 80’s!

    99. Candy Bar/Sugary Sweet 16:  Go crazy with the sugar craze!  Put out a candy bar Sweet 16 Candy Invitationsand have guests put candy in their goody bags!  Serve up sweet treats such as cupcakes and fancy cakes!  Mix and match all colors of the rainbow or just stay with one color!  This sugar rush is sure to last a long time!

    100. Chocolate Party:  For your Sweet 16 feel free to eat as much chocolate as you want!  Have a chocolate bar where guests can choose what chocolate treats they want!  Or, you can have it set out where guests can make their own chocolate treats!  Have fun and get a little messy!  This is sure to be one sweet 16 birthday party!

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