• Top 10 Sweet 16 Party Themes for 2013

    Turning 16 is one of the first big milestones is a young woman’s life.  Make this day extra special by planning a party around some of the things you love!  No matter what theme you decide for your Sweet 16, the most important thing to remember is to pick a theme that best suits your personality.  There are many fun, creative ideas to help you plan the perfect Sweet 16.  Here are 10 of the most popular Sweet 16 party themes for 2013!

    Sweet 16 Birthday Party Theme:  Western/Country Chic

    Western Sweet 16 ThemeGet a rowdy crowd and go have a ball at this wild, wild, western themed Sweet 16 party!  For all you country gals, put on your sexiest pair of boots and dance away the night!  This is sure to be a memorable night with some of the most important people in your life!  Grab a cowgirl hat, some western themed party favors, and crank up that country music!  No country Sweet 16 is complete without our country styled decorations!  Have all your guests wear cute cutoff shorts, a cowgirl hat, and their best pair of boots, and ease on back into the country atmosphere!  Don’t forget to invite those undeniably cute country boys to your party as well!  Once you get started, you won’t want the night to end!

    Sweet 16 Birthday Party Theme:  Tropical 

    Have work to do?  Relax!  Don’t worry; this party is on island time!  What better way to kick off the summer than with a tropical themed Sweet 16 party!  Everyone loves a luau and it is great for a warm summer night backyard barbeque!  Take a look at some of our Sweet 16 Tropical Thememocktail drink recipes for this tropical party to make the guest really feel like they are on an island!  Grab some of our festive lanterns and our tropical cups and napkins, and let this party go where the breeze goes!  Don’t forget to put on our tropical flower leis for this smokin’ hot Sweet 16 party and look at our flower drink stirrers!  An inflatable luau hunk man is sure to be laughter and fun to your party!  Relax and image you are sitting in warm sand, watching the sun go down, drinking an ice cold mocktail margarita!

    Sweet 16 Birthday Party Theme:  Paris

    Every girl dreams of going to Paris!  Make her dreams come true by having a Paris Themed Sweet 16!  Decorate with pink and black, and find Eiffel Tower cutouts and danglers!  Even get Eiffel Tower invitations and make a Paris inspired cake!  Have all the guests dress up fashionably and how they think they would look walking the streets of Paris!  Get creative with this theme, and have jewels and diamond decorations too!  Don’t forget to have lots of sparkle and bling!  Decorate your venue with pink and black balloons, streamers, lanterns, and other fun creative things you can make!  You can even have mini Eiffel Tower give-away treats and goody bags!  This will be one stylish, chic Sweet 16 party!

    Sweet 16 Birthday Party Theme:  Princess / Debutante Ball  

    Almost every little girl growing up wants to be a princess at some point.  Why not give your little girl the party she has always dreamed of?  Show her coming of age with a classic Princess Sweet 16 Tiaraprincess party theme.  Take a look at our princess tiaras and make this night extra special!  Jeweled and sparkle Sweet 16 invitations are perfect for this princess party.  Decorate the venue with our pink and white lanterns and streamers, and don’t forget our princess balloons!  Have guests come in cute, stylish dresses, and give them tiaras as they walk in!  Everyone will feel like a princess tonight!  No princess is complete without our Sweet 16 Birthday Girl Rhinestone Sash!  This is sure to be a fairy tale your Sweet 16 will always remember!

    Sweet 16 Birthday Party Theme:  Pirate 

    Ahoy Matey!  Gear up for some good ole’ pirate fun!  Be prepared to walk the plank if you don’t play along!  You can decorate your venue with pirate decorations and colors!  Even have a pirate cake!  You can make a cardboard ship and plank that guests can explore, and have them jump into the ocean or a pool of some sort!  Make mock cannons or have fireworks go off when someone walks the plank!  Even have guests go on a treasure hunt to find gold!  Aye, this is sure to be one awesome party!

    Sweet 16 Party Theme:  Candy Craze!

    Wondering what the newest craze is?  It’s CANDY!  This is the night to splurge!  Begin planning this sweet party with our Sweet 16 glittered lollipop invitations!  Next, get help set the mood with pink, blue, and lime green streamers, lanterns, and much more!  This is sure to sugar-coat any Sweet 16 party!  Give guests goody bags filled with Sweet 16 candy and butter mints!  A fun treat to this sugary goodness is to open a candy bar and have guests fill their loot bags with various candies!  It will be a sugar rush to remember and you can feel like you just won a golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s factory!

    Sweet 16 Party Theme:  Pink Carpet Hollywood 

    Okay, so you’re not the rock-star or famous movie actress you thought you’d be at 16.  But that’s okay because tonight, all your dreams will come true with this glamorous Sweet 16 Hollywood themed party!  Have guests dress up in fancy outfits, or as their favorite actor Hollywood Glam Themeand have them walk down our pink carpet runner for their “walk of fame” as they enter the party!  Hang old Hollywood posters around the room and send out invites for the big day!  There is no better way to make a Sweet 16 entrance than with a crowd of famous Hollywood actors!  Put on a mini top hat or grab a classic white and blue marabou trim hat just for the birthday girl!  Grab a cool pair of sunglasses and one of our feather boas and you will definitely become the rock-star you knew you could be!

    Sweet 16 Party Theme:  Single Color 

    Imagine a room decorated in all white.  For your Sweet 16, decorate your venue with your favorite color.  From the invitations to gift bags, to centerpieces and decorations, you can make your Sweet 16 party really stand out with just one color!  Make sure your balloons, napkins, cups, plates, confetti, and streamers are all the same color for your party!  Even your tiara will be the same color!  Try and have your guests dress in one color too!  White is always classy, but that has been done many times!  What about an all pink, or an all blue party, or maybe even a green or purple party?  The choice is up to you!

    Sweet 16 Party Theme:  Mardi Gras 

    This is similar to a masquerade party, but with purple, green, and yellow colors!  Every party guest gets Mardi Gras breads and a colorful mask!  All the decorations, including balloons, streamers, centerpieces, napkins, invitations, and outfits should be Mardi Gras colors!  Use food coloring and sprinkles for all desserts to make them look festive and find colorful beverages too!  For party favors, give guests beads, bubbles, cheap party hats, and noise maker blowouts!  Decorate your venue with lots of confetti and lanterns; make it feel like the party guests are really in the heart of New Orleans!

    Sweet 16 Party Theme:  Animal Lover 

    Do you love animals?  We do too, here at Sweet16partystore.  We have everything you Animal Theme Sweet 16 Party Hatneed for your animal inspired party!  Our zebra print invitations match our zebra print plates, cups, and napkins perfectly!  We even have animal print party hats birthday crowns!  Of course, we also have pink zebra print because this is, after all a Sweet 16!  Decorate your venue with adorable animal print streamers and balloons!  Even wow the birthday girl with zebra print cupcake holders!  Your Sweet 16 is sure to be sassy and stylish with this animal lover theme!

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