• Top 10 Sweet 16 Decoration Ideas

    So you’re planning a Sweet 16!  Having trouble coming up with some fun and creative decoration ideas?  We can help with that!  Here are 10 suggestions for some super cool decoration ideas!  Take a look!

    Glow Stick Balloons

    We love balloons and we love glow sticks, so we decided to combine 2 of our favorite things!  Thus creating glow stick balloons!  These are super cute, fun, and really easy to make!  Simply get a pack of Sweet 16 blow up balloons.  But don’t blow them up yet!  You will also need to buy a pack of glow sticks.  First place your glow stick into the balloon and THEN blow them up!  These glow balloons will last for hours and are perfect for an evening Sweet 16 party!  These balloons will not float with the glow stick in them, so just lay them on the ground and have them light up the walkway!

    Hollywood Glam Decorations

    So you want to be a rock star?  Some great decorations for this style of a party are a silverPink Hollywood Chandelier fringe curtain that guests walk through to make their entrance!  And what entrance is complete without a red carpet?  Well in the case of a Sweet 16, we have a PINK carpet!  Combine these decorations with our movie star sunglasses and feather boas, and you have yourself the hottest Hollywood party of the night!

    Add Streamers to Lanterns

    Paper Lanterns are rapidly becoming some of the most popular decorations for any special event!  Streamers have always been a huge hit at parties as well!  So why not combine them both?  Simply attach a streamer of any length to an inflated paper lantern and hang them anywhere!  They are great for a Sweet 16 party and are super cheap and easy to make!  Have the same color lantern as the streamer or get wild and mix and match the two!  Either way, these cute lanterns are sure to be a big hit at your special Sweet 16!  A medium shade pink streamer goes perfectly with a light pink lantern!

    Water Balloon Piñatas

    Remember when you were a little girl and had a piñata of your favorite princess or Disney character?  Now that you’re grown up, piñatas don’t seem as cool any more.  But we’ve thought of something that is way cooler and somewhat wet!  This is just the right activity for a backyard Sweet 16 party on a hot summer day!  Fill some of our Sweet 16 birthday balloons with water and hang them from a tree or other stationary object outside.  Have all party guests swing at these “piñatas” at the same time and everyone will get soaking wet!  Super fun, easy, and cheap to make!

    Pom Pom Balls

    Interested in making something creative for your Sweet 16?  Try pom pom balls!  These Pink Pouf Sweet 16 Decorationsare super easy and are sure to be one of a kind!  Begin by stacking eight 20 by 30 inch sheets of issue paper.  Then make 1 ½ inch according folds.  Next fold an 18 inch piece of floral wire in half and place over the center fold of the tissue paper; twist.  With scissors, trim the edges of the tissue paper into round or pointy edges.  Then separate the tissue layers by pulling away from the center one at a time.  Finally tie string to the floral wire and hang where desired!  Super cute and you can pick any color!  These pom pom balls go with just about any Sweet 16 party theme and look great!

    Candy Bar Sweet Tooth

    Okay, so we all love some good old fashion candy, right?  And we know kids love it too!  Decorate a table with various candy treats, ranging from a cupcake platter to jars of jelly Sweet 16 Candybeans, or whatever the birthday girls love!  In the center of the candy bar, you can place a giant cake topped with more candy and treats!  To make sure there is no mess, place one of our colorful table covers the venue and decorate the table with colorful confetti!  Add balloons to the ends of the table, and this party is sure to be the sweetest party ever!  This party is all about color so mix and match any color combinations you like!  Or you can use just one color and use different shades of it to give this party its sweetness!  Complete this venue with our sugar coated glitter lollipop invitations too!

    16 Balloons

    This idea is great for such an important, monumental day!  Since your daughter is turning 16, you will need 16 balloons and 16 pieces of string.  Before you blow up your balloons and attach your string or ribbon, you will need to find 16 different pictures of your Sweet 16 birthday girl.  These can be any pictures, but the idea is to find pictures each from one year of her life.  This will show not only her, but the guests as well how much she has grown and how important this day is.  Once you find your pictures, attach them to the string and attach the string to the balloons.  Place them throughout the party room, or place them randomly around the house.  Our pink and black Sweet 16 polka dot balloons make this idea really pop and add color!  Check it out at Sweet16partystore.com.

    Streamers, Balloons, Lights

    Looking for a classy Sweet 16 venue look?  Decorate the stairs, lights, ceiling, and anything else you think of with streamers, lights, and balloons!  Super cute and easy to Pink 16 Happy Birthday Balloondo!  Wrap colorful streamers around the stair railing, around the ceiling lights, on the fan, or anywhere!  Next, add white decorative (Christmas) lights!  These can be found at Target for cheap prices.  Wrap these around the streamers, so it looks as if the streamers are lit up!  Finally, add balloons to the end of the staircase, or place balloons randomly throughout the house.  You can also add hanging cutouts and danglers to the ceiling!  This is sure to add class and style to your Sweet 16!  Pink, black, and white decorations really stand out!

    Floating Candles

    Add some ambiance to your Sweet 16 party to help set the mood!  This idea is great for candle lit dinners and just simply talking!  Simply find a glass vase and submerge small round ornaments, preferably pink, black, silver, or white,  in water!  Great girly colors!  Add floating candles on top of the water and you have a cute home-made candle vase!  Super cute, unique, and easy to make!

    Western Party Decorations

    Saddle up and go for a wild ride with these Western Party Decorations!  All cowgirls love pink and bling, and we have both!  A cute idea would be to use black and pink colors for a Pink Sweet 16 Cowgirl NapkinsSweet 16.  Take our solid black plates and combine them with our pink western napkins and table cover and you’ve got a modern day Western Sweet 16 party!  Our solid pink and black balloons look great with this party theme as well!  To set the table for this theme, use the large black plates, place smaller pink plates on top, then fold and wrap the pink cowgirl napkins handkerchief style.  Finally place pink or black silverware on the sides, and your Western set up is sure to wow party guests and will look great!  You can even add mini cowgirl party hats on each plate for the guests to wear while they eat!  Check out our pink and silver glitter mini cowgirl hats at Sweet16partystore.com.

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